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“I’d die for radio” – MC Sniper’s guide to being a pirate radio DJ

The BBC has launched an online mockumentary series that follows the exploits of Kurupt FM, “West London’s second most popular pirate radio station.” The leader of the Kurupt crew, MC Sniper, penned a short guide to being a pirate radio DJ for The Guardian in which he doles out valuable advice, such as this treatise on discipline:

Running a pirate radio station is like the army, but you’re still allowed to wear your own clothes and you don’t really need to do any exercise. I’m like the general, controlling everything. But I’m also down on the frontlines. I’d probably let the others go a little bit in front of me so that I don’t get shot, cos if the general gets shot, that’s it, really. Checkmate.

The BBC series, People Just Do Nothing, is officially only available in the UK, but a helpful Londoner has uploaded episodes to YouTube for the rest of the world to enjoy.

Here is episode 2, which first brings us into the Kurupt FM studios. It’s pretty funny, though the accents and local slang are a bit impenetrable and take some close listening for my poor Yankee ears. Be warned that the crew is pretty foul-mouthed, making this likely NSFW.

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