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Sex with Emily – From Podcaster to Reality TV Star

Emily Morse on Miss Advised

Emily Morse on Miss Advised

I’m always a sucker for television shows featuring radio DJs, so when I heard that radio host Emily Morse was going to be on a Bravo reality show, I had to tune in.

One of the three relationships experts starring in Miss Advised, Emily Morse is the host of the San Francisco-based podcast Sex With Emily.

Since I live in San Francisco, Miss Advised offers multiple layers of enjoyment. Not only can I scrutinize Emily Morse’s DJ story line, but I also get to scan each San Francisco scene in order to spot familiar locations (this week it included a local dog park that I’m still trying to identify, the Bubble Lounge champagne bar, the New Century strip club, and the Stitcher radio studio).

It was also exciting to hear some San Francisco gossip on this week’s episode. In one scene Morse revealed that she and her friend Ruby Rippey had dated the same man at the same time (back in 2005 they both dated California’s Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom when he was mayor of San Francisco). For those of us long-time San Franciscans, this tidbit was fascinating news since many of us remember Newsom’s scandalous affair with Rippey when she was one of his staffers.

I’d never heard of DJ Emily Morse before, so I was also curious to learn more about her radio background. After moving to San Francisco, Morse worked in politics, produced a documentary, and started a podcast about sex. The Sex with Emily podcast began in August, 2005 and it quickly garnered listeners. By January, 2006 it was appearing over commercial radio station Free FM in San Francisco (KIFR 106.9 FM). By fall 2006, Morse was hosting a 3-hour show over Free FM on Saturday nights at 11pm. It’s unclear how long that show aired for, but Free FM’s format changed in May, 2007.

Today, Morse’s podcast is recorded in the Stitcher Radio studios in San Francisco and is co-hosted by Menace (who DJs under the name The White Menace at commercial radio station Live 105). The Sex with Emily podcast can be heard online and on satellite radio on XM Sirius’s Extreme Talk channel on Friday nights.

During the June 22 Sex with Emily podcast, Emily’s co-host Menace said that listenership “almost tripled” after the first episode of Miss Advised aired on Bravo. During the 60-minute podcast, Morse and Menace had a wide-ranging conversation covering a number of topics. They recapped a bit of the buzz surrounding the Bravo show’s premiere, had a short phone call with Morse’s brother, talked about anecdotes from their own lives (dating and otherwise), and gave some sex tips.

It will be interesting to see the impact of the Bravo show on Morse’s career. She’s already built a following from her podcast alone, which she parlayed into writing gigs and a book deal (She co-authored the illustrated paperback book: Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight! ). Her stint on the star-making Bravo should be quite a boost. Many of Bravo’s reality show stars have used the network as a launching pad for even bigger careers, especially since their on-air antics are augmented by blog posts (read Morse’s blog here) and Twitter updates. Miss Advised airs on Monday nights on Bravo TV.


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