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Tune in the Wisconsin recall tonight with WORT and Free Speech Radio News

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If you’re in the US you haven’t been able to avoid news about the recall election happening in Wisconsin today, where an enormous grassroots movement mobilized to kick Gov. Walker out of office, following last year’s protest and capitol occupation. Grassroots and community media, especially radio, were vitally important in providing fair coverage of the movement, which otherwise risked being minimized or outrightly smeared by much of the mainstream media.

Tonight the news department at Madison’s community radio station WORT is geared up to provide coverage of election returns in just a few minutes, beginning at 8 PM CDT (9 PM EDT/6 PM PDT) when polls close. Free Speech Radio News will be joining up with WORT to distribute this coverage, with live video available at the FSRN website.

UPDATE [8:12 PM CDT]: In case you’re experiencing audio quality issues, try this link:

John Anderson of–a good friend of Radio Survivor–will be holding down the WORT News twitter feed, if you want to get your recall news via tweet. I visited John and the folks at WORT recently, and they certainly have been gearing up to provide accurate coverage from the polls, the capitol as well as the streets. WORT was a critical conduit of information during the capitol occupation and continues to be vital as the people of Wisconsin debate the future of their state.

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  1. John Anderson June 7, 2012 at 2:38 pm #

    It’s old news now, but the link to WORT’s twitter feed is misspelled – taking you to a survey-site that pumps you for info….

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