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Did God make the radio? Beach Boys say yes

Good grief, I did not even know that the Beach Boys still existed, and here they are with a new album titled That’s Why God Made the Radio.

Lyrics excerpt follows:

Tuning in the latest star

From the dashboard of my car

Crusin’ at 7, push button heaven

Capturing memories from afar

In my car

That’s why god made the radio

So tune right in everywhere you go

He waved his hand, gave us rock’n’roll

The soundtrack of falling in love

(Fallin’ in love, oh)

That’s why god made the radio

Thus the Beach Boys have added their contribution to our songs about radio collection. It sure sounds like a Beach Boys tune, with a great big dollop of religiosity thrown in.

“It’s paradise when I Lift up my antenna,” the song continues. “Receiving your signal like a prayer.”

This spiritual observation will doubtless play well with a nice chunk of the 60+ crowd—it might even get some time on religious stations. I’m not sure how it will do with music lovers 40 years younger, though.

I’m also wondering if four decades from now their band icons will release tunes with titles like “That’s why God made Spotify,” or Pandora, or Slacker, or Facebook?

Oh Internet, where is the romance?



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  1. Shawn Martin June 6, 2012 at 11:32 pm #

    Their new album is awesome. I’ve enjoyed the Beach Boys for years and at 37 I’m definitely under 30!

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