Top Menu for Android is out, but is really a desktop app? for AndroidThe Android application is finally available (oddly unannounced this weekend on’s official blog). I tried it on Saturday, and it works very well on my Droid X. Nice, economical interface. The chat feature is very clear and easy to use. My DJ Queue menu works fine. And, most important, the music sounds great. All in all, had a great afternoon checking in with my favorite rooms while at the gym.

Still, I prefer interfacing with turntable via my PC. There’s just no substitute for having everything—chat, DJ Queue, deck, audience, and extensions—all before you at the same time. I presume that a tablet experience would be similarly satisfying. for Android

Anyway, here are two screenshots of the Android version as it plays at the Indie Discotheque room. The DJ Queue shot at the bottom shows the next tunes I’ll be playing over at the Classical of Any Kind Room. See you there! for Android


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