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Limbaugh continues to bleed advertisers, Media Matters appeals directly to his listeners

On Sunday the Wisconsin-based bath fixture company Kohler announced that it had pulled all of its advertising from the Rush Limbaugh show. This comes almost a month into the fallout from Limbaugh’s on air attack of Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke, whom he called a “slut,” amongst other names, for voicing her support for private insurers providing contraception coverage. Although he provided a limp apology, and many observer expected the controversy to peter out, the backlash against Limbaugh doesn’t appear to be slowing.

The liberal media watchdog group Media Matters for America is looking to increase the pressure on Limbaugh. Last week the group launched two radio ads criticizing Limbaugh’s insults and asking listeners to call stations and say, “there’s no place for this kind of indecency to women.” Media Matters is planning to spend $100,000 to air the ads on stations that also air Limbaugh’s program.

Quite expectedly, Limbaugh claims that he’s not hurting from the advertiser exodus. On his Monday show he characterized Media Matters founder David Brock as “jock itch,” implying that the campaign against him is nothing but a minor irritation.

Below is one of Media Matters’ ads made for Limbaugh’s Chicago affiliate, WLS:


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