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Shocker: Rush Limbaugh says something nice about First Lady

Michelle ObamaRummaging through the talk radio guy comments about President Obama’s State-of-the-Union speech, I was set back on my heels by an actual nice thing Rush Limbaugh said about First Lady Michelle Obama. Of course, the meditation is front-loaded with left-handed compliments, and he calls her “Moochelle,” but the praise is still there.

The Rush post noticed that Indian Governor Mitch Daniels response speech praised the Obamas for “setting a great family values example.”

“And he’s right,” Limbaugh added, “they do that well.  Mom and dad and the two kids.  It’s a good-looking family.”

But then the commentary, titled “How the First Lady Could Help the Poor,” says that FLOTUS ought to dump the school nutrition standards that are being unveiled this week:

That’s not the kind of teamwork, you see, that the people of this country want.  They don’t want their government telling them what they cannot eat.  They don’t want the government telling them what they must eat.  Even little leftist robot kids don’t.


You know, the best thing Michelle Obama could do—and I’m not joking here—the best thing Michelle Obama could do for people in poverty is to simply highlight the solid nuclear family that she has with her husband, Barack, and the two kids.

Oh well, that compliment had to go somewhere like that, or it wouldn’t have been Rush Limbaugh. Sorry Rush, but since huge numbers of kids in poverty depend on schools for meals, it makes sense to feed them things that won’t cause diabetes and high blood pressure. And before we complain about our tax dollars going to new Federal standards, maybe we should complain about them going to lunches that make public school kids obese.

On the other hand, Limbaugh’s praise for the Obamas could be read as an oblique reference to the family values of another presidential candidate.

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