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East Village Radio’s five Martin Luther King Jr songs

East Village Radio has come up with five interesting selections in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. They are:

1. David Bowie, Leon Takes Us Outside. “Wednesday, Martin Luther King Day, afternoon, in view of nothing, 20, 0, 1, Late winter, Martin Luther King Day.”

2. Rage Against the Machine, Renegades of Funk. “Like Chief Sitting Bull, Tom Payne, Doctor Martin Luther King, Malcolm X. They were renegades of their time and age.”

3. REM, The Outsiders. “I want to float a quote from Martin Luther King. I am not afraid…”

4. Method Man (ft Ol’ Dirty Bastard), Dirty Mef. “Heh, ya’meen, I’m taking one for the team. Like Martin Luther King, taking one for a dream.”

5. Run D.M.C., Proud to Be Black. “DJ Run, and I run these things. You can hear it loud and clear like when the schoolbell rings. Like Martin Luther King, I will do my thing. I’ll say it in a rap cause I do not sing.”

“Thank you President Reagan for giving most (or some) of us a day off from work,” the post notes. “In honor of the greatest civil rights leader to grace our eyes, ears and liberties with his tones of truth and equality for all, here are 5 songs which give mad props to the activist, whose honor we celebrate today.”

And thank you, EVR, for these interesting picks.

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