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12 Days of Radio Station Signage: Day 9 – Seven Deadly Words

7 Deadly Words sign (Photo: J. Waits)

7 Deadly Words sign (Photo: J. Waits)

I’ve been to a few radio stations that have posted handy lists of all of the forbidden naughty words which can never be uttered over the air. I’m sure that program directors get a vicarious thrill out of putting these nasty words up on the wall.

On this sign, posted in a station’s music review room, the words from George Carlin‘s famous routine are listed for all to see. If you look closely you can catch some bonus signs with all kinds of helpful information for music reviewers. Can you spot the name of this station?

Day 1: Do Not Spray

Day 2: Dead Fish

Day 3: You are Being Monitored

Day 4: Zero Tolerance Graffiti Policy

Day 5: Never Use Swear Words

Day 6: Please Put Records and CDs Back

Day 7: File Your Records Diagram

Day 8: Mic Technique


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