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12 Days of Radio Station Signage: Day 10 – CD and LP Library Alphabetization

CD and LP Library Alphabetization sign (Photo: J. Waits)

CD and LP Library Alphabetization sign (Photo: J. Waits)

Many of the signs posted in radio stations are similar to signs that you might see in any other workplace. Often they issue directives to staff/employees about undesirable behaviors. However, some of the more interesting signs that I’ve seen at radio stations are radio-specific, often to the point of being somewhat arcane to everyday folks.

Today’s sign falls into that category, as it dissects the challenges inherent to filing records in alphabetical order. Many of us DJs are familiar with debates about filing and have our own examples of band names that confuse alphabetization systems. As you scrutinize today’s filing sign, you will quickly see that the station where it is housed still hasn’t entirely figured out its filing rules (“classical is still a bit tricky”). And, as the sign acknowledges, DJs looking for assistance in filing The The and Zoogz Rift aren’t going to get any guidance (yet) from this mystery station. Any guesses as to what station this is?

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