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Mashtival timeMy favorite mashup mavens over at say that they are hosting “what could be TT’s, and possibly the internet’s, first online Music ‘festival’.”

A “Mashtival”—they’re calling it. December 7, 8 pm EST is the time. It will take place in various affiliated Mashup rooms: Mashupfm1, Mashupfm2, and the Mashupfm VIP room.


Sponsored by and, the event has gotten quite a bit of publicity, and is the featured date at (“The TV Guide to”).

Mashups, in case you are not familiar with the genre, are basically creative mixes of pop tunes. I went over to the main mashup room and asked the man in charge, SoSimpull, what will make this festival different from the usual wonderful stuff that happens in that room.

“3 rooms,” he replied. “20 djs; 2 established djs in each room; for up to 3 hours.” Plus: “4 less established djs that will switch every 3 songs.”

Here’s a list of the featured DJs:

• 3LAU


• Basic Physics

• Desler

• Manila Killa

• DJ Strongarm

• Bruneaux

• Nammo

• DJ Change

• DJ Graycat

• The Airport District

• DJ i6

• Mitch-Mash

• Dotcom

• DJ Bahler

• DJ Rudy

• Torpeedoh

• DJ abSRD

• Dveloped

• Yoni

• DJ DiBella

• Wick-It

• DJ Trademark

and Kap Slap

Here are the event rules:

All 5 DJ spots, in each room, will be occupied by the artists named above. Each room will have 2 or 3 “Special Guest/VIP” artists DJ-ing, as well as a couple of “Up-and-coming” artists DJ-ing alongside them. This ensures that not one room will be maxed out, while the other rooms are empty. Up-and-coming artists will rotate out, while Special Guest/VIP artists will get extended playtime (unless otherwise noted). If you try to get up on stage and you are not an artist, then you will be warned not to step up – as this is purely to show artists’ our appreciation towards their work – and because there will be a lineup we adhere to. If you attempt to step up again, you shall be booted from the room.

For more information, get thee to the Mashupfm Facebook page.

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2 Responses to mashup fans launch first online “Mashtival”

  1. SoSimpull December 2, 2011 at 4:00 pm #

    Wow thanks for the post. Making words amazing as usual. For more info on the event and to see schedules and updates when they are released go here:

  2. Guise Faux December 2, 2011 at 9:08 pm #

    Excellent. Finally, a reason for me to visit

    Should be fun. Thanks for the heads up.

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