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Thanksgiving radio memories: Ronald Reagan goes Scrooge on Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is upon us again. Don’t forget that part of the holiday is listening to our great leaders pontificate about turkeys on the radio. Here’s a historic YouTube video of President Ronald Reagan explaining via a 1986 Thanksgiving radio broadcast why he blocked a  jobs program proposed by Congress.

“A five point four billion dollar extravaganza,” the Gipper declared from his Santa Barbara ranch, “that would have helped a relatively tiny number of people. Because it was just this sort of marketplace intrusion and government boondoggle that had put our economy in trouble in the first place, I decided that Thanksgiving or not, this was one turkey we didn’t need.”

Besides, by then so many turkeys had been donated to the defense budget that you could almost smell the chestnut stuffing as you drove by the Pentagon. Ah, the memories.



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