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How to get new themes on Chrome

Thank you Dalton Gore, for producing a nice Chrome extension app that give users new themes. The uniformity of the interface has been bugging me for a while, so this is welcome. I’ve been playing around with the extension and it’s relatively easy and intuitive. Here’s what the “graffiti” theme looks like:

Given that I spend most of my time in a classical music room, “graffiti” may not be the best choice, but I like it. Anyway, here’s how to get the app:

First, download the Chrome web browser if you don’t have it.

Next, go to the top right and click the wrench icon.

Go to “tools,” then “extensions,” then (on the lower right) “get more extensions.”

Use the “search the store” field bar and type “”

You’ll see an array of extensions, four of which I have written about earlier. In this case click on the “ themes” icon and click “install.” Or just go to this page to get it.

Close Chrome and open it up again.

Go to one of your favorite rooms.

Click the paintbrush icon next to “list rooms” on the top. You’ll see this:

Choose a theme. You can preview themes by placing your cursor over the “mouse-over for preview” command below the theme check button.

Close the screen. Reset your page.

It works for me. Fans are begging for more themes. Dalton Gore gives credit to and Chemical from for help. You can tweet him at @minimalisticme to suggest new themes. Thanks Dalton!

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    Let ye who has not wanked cast the first stone. 🙂

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