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Need a death metal radio widget for your blog? Here you go

This is one of those innovations where I’m sure it has been done elsewhere, but this version seems pretty elegant. You’ve got a blog about death metal rock. Maybe you’d like a widget that links to a death metal rock channel 24/7?

Well, to your right meet “Radio Doom,” hosted by Adam Shore and his guest, “Dark Castle.” Adam Shore “brings you the best in death metal, grindcore, thrash and doom,” the show’s description explains. “Brand new tracks and absolute classics from all around the world.”

How did I do this? I just grabbed the widget code from the Scion AV company (Facebook channel page here), which offers sixteen other streaming radio stations, some of which I’d actually like to listen to rather than flee.

The IHeartComix channel, for example, features RadioHead futuristic kind of stuff. In The Red gives you garage rock. Mega Los Angeles offers electronic dance, as does Trouble and Dance radio. 45 King streams hip hop. Vice Music gives you garage rock content from the Vice Magazine/TV media group. Federation Invasion serves up reggae. Dope on Plastic does the “evolution” genre.

I’m personally partial to Watusi Rodeo, “which does America:

country rock, honky-tonk, alt-country, Western swing, rockin’ blues ‘n’ boogie, rockabilly and hillbilly bop, old school and neo-soul, R&B and garage rock.”

These stations all come out of They’ve got genre oriented deejays who talk about stuff, do interviews, all that. Just pull out the javascript code (it’s in the share button), stick it in a widget, and you are good to go. It would be nice if the channels linked to somewhere where you got more information about the DJ, playlist, and whatever else seems relevant to the producers. Maybe that’s next.

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