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Apply now for “zero to radio” Cape Cod public media intensive

Transom.orgWant to learn how to produce in-depth radio features with top producers like Rob Rosenthal, Jay Allison, and Ira Glass of This American Life? has opened the application window for its seven week Transom Story Workshop, to be held in Cape Cod this October.

Why seven weeks?

“Unless you want to go to journalism school, there aren’t many ways to get the concentrated training you need to embark on a career in radio/public media,” Transom’s FAQ on the workshop explains. “We’re interested in helping people do just that. Yes, we see value in one week trainings. And yes, we may eventually offer some. But for now, we’re focused on launching new producers and seven weeks is what we think it will take.”

The workshop isn’t cheap. It costs $5,500. Transom has a FAQ answer for that too.

“We know it’s a lot but this will be a full time, seven-week, total immersion course that will prepare you well for work in this field,” the non-profit explains.

“Believe it or not, $5,500 just covers our costs while keeping the class size small. Small class size means you and your work will get lots of attention. Tuition also includes your own license for Hindenburg Journalist audio editing software, fees for special guests, some meals together, and special events.”

Bottom line: this has got to be a great opportunity if you are serious about producing the kind of imaginative public radio features for which Transom producers and This American Life are famous.

“This will be a demanding program,” the application page says. “Our goal is to take you from zero to radio producer in seven weeks.”

And: “We are looking for hard working, curious, story-driven, wanna-be radio producers. This won’t be a seven-week radio vacation on the Cape. This will be challenging, demanding, steep learning curve kind of stuff.”

Think you’ve got what it takes? The application deadline is July 25. Decisions will be made by August 5. First day of class is October 3.

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One Response to Apply now for “zero to radio” Cape Cod public media intensive

  1. Ian Kath July 1, 2011 at 5:46 pm #

    Despite how much content I’ve produced as a podcaster over the last few years, learning on the run, in any way that I can, I would love to do this course to fill in all the gaps that I know I have in my understanding and discover and fix all the ones that I have no idea exist. It’s just not possible for me to shill out $5500 despite the strong Australian Dollar and travel all that distance to the US.

    But at least I’ll be living and learning vicariously though whatever is published from those who complete the programme and the continued output of the teachers that I enjoy listening to.

    Good luck to everyone doing the programme 🙂

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