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Maritime Radio Historian to Offer Rare Tour of Coastal Station on June 11

Display at the Maritime Museum (Photo: J. Waits)

Back in January I took an amazing tour through the radio collection of the San Francisco Maritime Museum.

Led by Bill Ruck, a maritime radio historian and chief engineer of college radio station KUSF, the tour took the 20 or so visitors through the normally off-limits radio artifacts housed at Aquatic Park.

Tomorrow, Ruck will be leading another event for fans of maritime radio history. “The History of Radio and Wireless in West Marin” will take place tomorrow in Pt. Reyes from noon to 4pm. Ruck will present a lecture and slideshow about West Marin radio history and attendees will get the chance to tour the ex-RCA coast station KSM.

Transmitter at Maritime Museum (Photo: J. Waits)

When I took the tour of the radio collection at the Maritime Museum on January 15, we were able to see a reproduction of a radio room on a Liberty ship. This is where radio officers would work between 8 and 12 hours every day. In addition to the radio room, we got to see displays of vintage radios and radio equipment.

If you can’t make it to tomorrow’s event, tours of KSM can be arranged by contacting the Maritime Radio Historical Society. They also maintain a mailing list for those interested in learning about future events.

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One Response to Maritime Radio Historian to Offer Rare Tour of Coastal Station on June 11

  1. Janice Green July 7, 2011 at 8:00 pm #

    Dear Jennifer,

    I have been surfing the web for information on radios used during

    World War 2 on American Navy ships. Ny father was a radioman during

    World War 2 in the Pacific on the Uss Doyen. I am trying to learn as

    much as I can about my fathers experience to share it with my family

    who never met my Dad. I am haing a memorial service for my Dad and

    his brother who was killed aboard a carrier in the Pacific in May of

    2012. I would like to include as much acurate history as possible at

    the memorial. I really apprciate your article and will contact the

    Maritine Radio Historical Society for additional information.

    Thank You so much!

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