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Martian radio on YouTube!

Every few days I check in with YouTube to see who has posted a radio related video, and this fun Sesame Street routine came up. These two critters keep turning the dial until they find something nice and atonal to relate to. They’re not very subtle, indicating their preferences via “nope nope nope nopes” or “yup yup yup yups.”

But this got me wondering how many Martians-on-the-radio themed YouTube videos were in play, and the answer is quite a few. These include “Martian Radio,” performed by alleged Martians entertaining a live studio audience on earth, the “Martian Radio Orchestra,” performing in 2007 at the David Sarnoff Library in Princeton, New Jersey, the “Boss Martians” doing their hit tune, “I Am Your Radio,” a synth-pop Radio Narcotix track titled “Martian Drops,” and an old Munsters TV episode involving Herman and Grandpa encountering some walkie-talkie using Martian wannabes.

And, of course, you would expect to find at least one video claiming the existence of intelligent radio signals from Mars.

All posted below in descending order. Enjoy!


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