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Maxwell’s and WFMU-FM win “most snarky party poster” prize

Radio Survivor is giving its “most snarky party poster” prize to Maxwell’s of Hoboken, New Jersey and free form radio station WFMU-FM of thereabouts. The poster in question announces a party for one of the winners of WFMU’s recent auction fundraiser. Were I in the Hoboken area, I would definitely attend, if for no other reason than to possibly meet the person grimacing so exquisitely before us.

“The event serves as a launch party for Angel’s new website Joydropper, dedicated to fun happenings in NJ,” WFMU’s blog explains.

I am unclear as to what this prize actually means for the winners, in terms of a, like, prize—other than our best wishes and efforts to spread the good word.


One Response to Maxwell’s and WFMU-FM win “most snarky party poster” prize

  1. Angel January 12, 2011 at 3:33 pm #

    Sadly, Elizabeth Taylor will not be attending. Why does nobody realize that’s her?!

    I like yr prize anyways.



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