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LPFM expansion: it’s official!

Yes, the Local Community Radio Act of 2010finally passed both the House and Senate almost two weeks ago. But it’s not official until the president signs it. And that he did, today.

Today is just the start of the process to bring more community radio stations to the air. There is a lot of work yet to be done, not the least of which is on the part of the FCC, which will have to determine the rules of the next application window. Still, first that Commission has to resolve pending translator applications which could use up a lot of frequencies that otherwise are appropriate for LPFM stations under the provisions of this new law.

In the coming days and weeks we at Radio Survivor will bring you additional news and analysis on the rollout of this second phase of LPFM.


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One Response to LPFM expansion: it’s official!

  1. John Broomall January 5, 2011 at 10:28 am #

    It is a false assumption that the FCC cannot implement LCRA until the 2003 translator apps are resolved and there is a new Window.

    1. The FCC could (and should) allow existing LPFM stations to benefit from LCRA now. For two years LPFMs have been able to move to 2nd Adj. frequencies by filing a minor mod amendment. LCRA codified what has been allowed for a couple years.

    2. There is nothing preventing the FCC from now allowing licensed LPFMs to file minor mod apps for third adjacent moves, without waiting for a Window

    3. Maybe we believe the FCC will (and should) delay the next Window until the 03 translator apps are resolved, but nothing in the Law or FCC regulations requires this delay.

    John O. Broomall

    Christian Community Broadcasters

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