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“‘Happy Holidays’… is what terrorists say.”

I’d like to thank 30 Rock for the title of this article. Their brief mention of the differences between “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” through a Christmas card being sent by an ultra-conservative couple stating “‘Happy Holidays’… is what terrorists say. Merry Christmas!” is really quite perfect.

Nina Totenberg, a legal correspondent for NPR, has recently been under attack for saying, “I was at, forgive the expression, a Christmas party at the Department of Justice” (read more here).

If it’s not already obvious, the assault has been based on her use of the phrase “forgive the expression,” which is simply petty. If anything, the use of the word “Christmas” should be considered a slight to anyone who is not a follower of Christianity, and the choice to either seriously opt of of its usage (due to political correctness) or to joke about oversensitivity should not be met with such a harsh reaction. I admittedly haven’t cared enough to look into Nina Totenberg’s motivation for using the expression “forgive the expression” because it really doesn’t matter.

Seriously, folks, if this sort of thing gets your panties in a bunch, you probably shouldn’t be living in a country in which freedom of religion is a founding principle.

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2 Responses to “‘Happy Holidays’… is what terrorists say.”

  1. Bill L. January 1, 2011 at 6:53 pm #

    >>> If anything, the use of the word “Christmas” should be considered a

    >>> slight to anyone who is not a follower of Christianity…

    So Christians should change their vocabulary so as not to offend anyone. Will Muslims be expected not to mention Ramadan? Will Jews be forbidden from mentioning Hanukkah? Does the mere mention of a single word offend someone? Sounds like your panties are the ones in a bunch. Anyone who would suggest that a religious word is a slight to someone of another belief must have been out too late on New Years Eve.

  2. Helen Yamamoto January 1, 2011 at 9:56 pm #

    I don’t disagree. I meant to imply that being offended by the use of the word “Christmas” is comparable to being offended by the use Totenberg’s expression; they’re both simply ridiculous.

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