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SNS Radio smacks down for homeless relief

“You know, don’t a be a bitch,” declared the masked man on the Sunday Night Showdown radio network. “You know what I mean?”

“Please give a fuck,” added another panelist.

“That’s right,” concurred the masked guy. “Please give a fuck about the city that you live in and that some day your children will live in. PGAF – Please Give A Fuck.”

Thus concluded the SNS’s compelling (if somewhat ripe) appeal for folks to support the wrestling radio channel’s holiday Salvation Army food drive appeal in St. Louis.

“Donate some cans. We know you got cans at your house. There are people who are fucking starving,” another member pleaded.

“What does it take to bring three can food items, four canned food items, TEN canned food items? ”

“It takes a small plastic bag, a little bit of gas, and some time.”

“Or a box of Ramen noodles?”

“I’d watch it with the Ramen noodles because where are they going to boil the Ramen noodles?”

Anyway, Ramen noodle debate aside, kudos to SNS for their relief work. Hope lots of people got fed.



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  1. white velvet January 22, 2011 at 9:48 pm #

    I wanted to let you know that “this” SNS Radio Show is not a wrestling radio show, although the main host Havok is a huge wrestling fan. It’s actually a “Shock-Jock” show that if I were to describe, I would have to say is a combination of Howard Stern and Jackass. You should check them out at They’re on every Sunday at 7:30PM-10:00PM Central.

    I went down with the the SNS Radio crew to help them feed and clothe the homeless in our hometown St. Louis, and I must say the experience was moving and unforgettable. All of the local news channels covered the outreach, and the turn out of volunteers was impressive to say the least. So much so that half of us were standing around with nothing to do. So, we decided to split up in search of other homeless communities, and we found them. Needless to say, the hosts of the show decided to make this an ongoing effort not only to rebuild our community, but to transform our image from being the crime capital of America into a place where everyone would like to live.

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