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High School Students doing Radio: Radio Drama on CFSI and DJs at WLCA

The best signs ever at Glenbrook South High school, home of WGBK

I didn’t get the chance to do radio until I was a freshman in college, so I’m always envious of those lucky teenagers who are broadcasting from their very own high school radio stations.

Since very few high schools actually have radio stations, it’s inspiring that there are some college and community radio stations who welcome high school programmers. In fact, many college radio stations have an open-door policy for high school students, allowing them to participate just like any other DJ.

Two recent stories from CFSI and WLCA caught my eye, in which there have been specific, concerted efforts to air programs crafted by high school students.

Starting this Friday, community radio station CFSI in Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada will be broadcasting radio plays from Gulf Islands Secondary School students. The first in a series of 6 radio dramas will air at 9am tomorrow and episodes will continue every day next week at 9am.

It was also great to hear that the recently named 2011 Illinois Teacher of the Year, Annice Brave, is a proponent of student radio. The Illinois State Board of Education reports that she

“…was instrumental in developing a student radio program in partnership with Lewis and Clark Community College. The program gives students the opportunity to get on-air experience through the college radio station. She arrives at school an hour early several days a week to work with students on radio production and each summer she attends Radio Camp with her students.”

Students at her high school, Alton High, have the opportunity to broadcast over Lewis and Clark Community College radio station WLCA’s secondary channel WLCA 89.9-2. They actually share the HD channel with other local high school stations, including Civic Memorial High School (which airs content on Thursdays and Friday mornings).

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One Response to High School Students doing Radio: Radio Drama on CFSI and DJs at WLCA

  1. Kyle December 24, 2010 at 12:58 pm #

    It’s great that high schoolers get to participate in radio. Starting at that age gives students a perspective to build upon. But , if the experience is not positive, it can backfire. So important to have a good experience in those early years.

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