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At, Glitter Puke rules

The Best of 2010 list is out, and as is so often with these lineups, the top prize reaches into the bottom of the barrel. Congratulations to Kesha, 23 years of age and from Los Angeles (she sounds like she’s from Long Island, NY). She has replaced 2009’s number one winner Lady Gaga as the online diva, “clocking up a quite astonishing 15.9 million scrobbles over the year,” in’s words.

What can one say without sounding like an exasperated parent? Click here to audit Kesha’s hit tune “Tik Tok,” a cheesy celebration of adolescent alcoholism. Happy motoring kid. Fortunately, a host of parody videos have accompanied Kesha’s boozy triumph, and every one of them is far better than the Queen of Glitter Puke.

To be fair to’s fans, the rest of the list is pretty good. The number two slot goes to the folk indie band Mumford & Sons; number three goes to Arcade Fire, huge with their hit album The Suburbs. Then comes Gorillaz, all purpose fun band Vampire Weekend, Eminem, 30 Seconds to Mars, Rihanna, glamour girl Katy Perry, and indie rock group The National.

So I guess you just have to put up with some tweener vomit to get to the quality stuff. Could be worse. As usual, has a cool graphic chart illustrating the popularity of various artists through 2010.

I like Vampire Weekend. Here’s a Youtube video:


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