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Hooping for LPFM

Today the Prometheus Radio Project is leading a circus-themed protest in front of the National Association of Broadcasters. Urging supporters to “bring juggling pins, unicycles, tricks, and costumes,” participants will be celebrating low-power FM while chiding the NAB for its dishonest campaign to get Senate republicans to put holds on the Local Community Radio Act. Prometheus will provide hula hoops and training in their proper use.

These anonymous holds have been difficult to uncover and combat. It seems as though there’s some sort of tag-team arrangement where as soon as one holder is identified and called out, another one picks up the hold. It appears that nobody in the pro-LPFM camp knows who is holding the bill right now, keeping it from reaching a floor vote.

As I’m tired of mentioning, time is running out quickly in this session of Congress, and so is time to finally vote on the Local Community Radio Act in the Senate.


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One Response to Hooping for LPFM

  1. John Broomall December 13, 2010 at 9:27 am #

    Unfortunately you are “preaching to the choir.” Surely everyone reading your post is tired ….. of waiting ten years for a new LPFM window. However, I am afraid some Senators don’t want to give”rest and relief.”

    Tuesday there is an Omnibus bill scheduled, and our bill could get “tacked on.” Exactly ten-years ago Congress “tacked on” the law that we have been trying to change even since.

    John O. Broomall

    Christian Community Broadcasters

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