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Free Speech Radio News: help it or lose it

Free Speech Radio NewsFree Speech Radio News, the independent progressive news service heavily relied on by 114 community based radio stations, has posted an appeal to all its supporters. Send financial assistance now or the show will suspend production on December 21.

“This is the situation,” FSRN writes:

The majority of FSRN’s income comes from the Pacifica network, and Pacifica has been facing financial difficulties for several years. For the past 15 months, Pacifica has frequently fallen behind on their monthly payments to FSRN, but has always caught up when its Corporation for Public Broadcasting funds arrived. When payments have been late, FSRN has taken out bridge loans to make do until the next payment.

Unfortunately, this time around Pacifica has not been able to catch up with its debt to FSRN. It currently owes FSRN about $230,000, but has paid us only $70,000 of that total. Meanwhile, FSRN has accrued more than $80,000 in debt to our reporters, staff, creditors, and a bridge loan to keep us afloat. Pacifica has promised us future funds, but the situation is so serious that it is not entirely clear how much or when these will arrive, if ever.

FSRN has sent out emergency appeals before, but this one sounds, well, kind of final. Click here for a fast, easy way to send money.

Just one dollar a month makes you a patron of Radio Survivor. Help us through our Patreon Campaign!



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