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LPFM still on double-secret probation in the Senate

Dean Wormer would call this double-secret probation.

On Friday word came down that Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso removed his hold on the Local Community Radio Act. If passed, this bill would restore low-power FM standards to FCC’s original specification, thereby allowing hundreds more stations to take to the air. And yet, still no action? That’s because there are still other holds on the bill, which also remain secret under the rules of the Senate until either someone cops to it, or the holders are identified through a process of elimination.

It’s as if Senate Republicans are playing tag-team on holding this bill, swapping it anonymously once one of the holders gets discovered. I keep thinking we’re going to uncover Dean Wormer working the Senate to keep the bill on double-secret probation.

So Prometheus Radio Project is asking low-power radio supporters to help identify which Senators are holding this bill now, by calling one’s local senator and asking if s/he’s blocking the Local Community Radio Act.

Time is running out on this session of Congress, and unfortunately Senate Republicans don’t seem to perceive much political risk in playing hide-and-seek with future of community radio.


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One Response to LPFM still on double-secret probation in the Senate

  1. Matthew Lasar November 22, 2010 at 4:25 pm #

    “It’s over for you guys this time! You can’t wheedle out of this one!”

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