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World Series Highlighted Challenges of Listening to Radio While Watching TV

World Series Cupcakes from Noe Valley Bakery. Fear the beard!

I can’t overstate the excitement in San Francisco this week as the Giants wrapped up their season by winning the World Series. As they headed into the playoffs, I started hearing more and more discussion about the relative merits of local commentators vs. national commentators.

Many people told me that they preferred listening to baseball games over local radio while watching them on TV with the audio muted. My husband described the challenges inherent in this due to the audio delay that exists over the television. While watching Game 1 of the World Series projected from a computer onto a screen, he and his pals listened to the game over local radio.

It was a surreal experience for them as they were across from AT&T Park, so could hear fan noise and home run-signaling fog horns when something exciting happened in the game, then they caught word on the radio, and finally saw it on TV. Despite these hiccups, sports fans like them plodded on, putting up with the strange experience of hearing things before seeing them.

Here are a few options for those looking to watch a live event on television (sporting events most readily come to mind) while listening to play-by-play on a local radio station.

SportSyncRadio has a built-in delay so that TV viewers can listen to a game over a local radio station while watching it on TV.

There’s also the RadioShark AM/FM Desktop Radio with Time-Shift Recording, which is an AM/FM radio that provides some of the same capabilities as a DVR, allowing you to record broadcasts for future listening. Because of this feature it lets you pause live radio and create your own customized delay.

Another way to create a delay in your radio audio is by hooking up your radio to your computer and using the free Radio Delay tool. For step-by-step instructions on how to do this, take a look at Bote’s Radio Nexus for details for both Mac and PC users.

My Home Team Radio is another portable device available to create an audio delay by hooking it up to your radio and a set of computer speakers as shown in this video below. If you’ve tested out any of these options, let us know what you think works best.

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