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Thank you, dear reader, for spending a little of your online attention with us. We Radio Survivors really appreciate it. When Matthew and I first talked about creating this site nearly eighteen months ago we were motivated by the relative dearth of radio coverage that wasn’t focused on radio insiders but not narrowly focused on on specific aspect of the medium.

As Matthew puts it, “We’re the voice of listeners, participants and consumers, rather than the ‘voice of the industry.'” There are hundreds, if not thousands of sites with this kind of perspective on television, movies and music. We believe strongly that radio deserves at least one.

Every so often we will ask for your support in helping to keep Radio Survivor updated with high quality commentary, news and ideas about radio. Right now our plans include a visual redesign, an increase in the number of posts and an expansion in the range of voices you read here.

Luckily, it’s very easy for you to support Radio Survivor at no addition cost to you. If you ever use Amazon to buy anything you can help us earn a little bit from our affiliation. Just come to Radio Survivor first and enter through one of our Amazon links. Then Radio Survivor will receive a small commission for every item you buy, and it will cost you nothing more.

Of course we’re always happy if you just want to give us a little donation to out tip jar in order keep things running. The money we take in goes right back into hosting the site and investing to make it better. Nobody is drawing a salary here, we do this for the love of radio.

Thanks again for stopping here at our little corner in the internets.

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