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More than a year into writing for Radio Survivor it’s been a real blast. It’s been especially satisfying to find out that there’s plenty of truth to our fundamental premise: that there are still lots of people who listen to and care about radio. We’re grateful for readers like you who come here and read about news and stories that we think are important to audio media. We’re also very grateful to those of you who take the time to comment on our posts and contribute to the conversation about radio’s present and future.

Radio Survivor is an independent voice. While Matthew, Jennifer and I have worked in and around radio, each of us speaking from our own experience and perspective. None of us is striving to be unbiased, but we do try to make our biases clear. To that end, there’s nobody backing or funding Radio Survivor except us. We answer to no company, foundation, NGO, government agency or anyone else. Nobody is calling the shots except your humble bloggers.

It takes time and effort to do the research and writing for Radio Survivor and we can truly use your help. If you enjoy Radio Survivor and find this blog useful, please tell friends, family and colleagues about us. If you can spare a little dough, we’d greatly appreciate it if you would donate to our tip jar.

You can also help us out without spending an extra dime. If you shop at Amazon please consider clicking one of our Amazon links first the next time you buy something. We’ll receive a little referral feed and it will cost you nothing extra.

We promise not to bug you more than once a month with our little ask to help us out. Please keep reading and let us know what you’re thinking about Radio Survivor and radio general in our comments or by email.

Thanks for reading!

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