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Grassroots Radio Coalition's Annual Conference

Grassroots Radio Coalition Poster

While I was off touring another community radio station this past weekend (stay tuned for a full report), an entire conference devoted to grassroots community radio was taking place further north in California at KMUD (Redwood Community Radio) in Garberville and Redway.

Organized by the Grassroots Radio Coalition, described on their website as “a reaction against increasing commercialization of public radio and lack of support for volunteer-based stations,” the Grassroots Radio Conference has been held annually since 1996 at different community radio stations across the United States.

I’m really sorry to have missed this confab as it seemed to offer a nice blend of workshops about the future of radio, the pragmatics of running of station, and community radio’s often close connection with social justice movements.

For more of the low down on what transpired, take a look at the schedule posted on KMUD and read Raw Story’s coverage of the event.


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