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UK approves conflict resolution community radio for Essex

The United Kingdom’s broadcasting regulator has given the green light to a new community radio station in the Essex county area. It’s SAFE radio for young listeners in Grays and the outer regions of Thurrock (that’s about ten miles east of the outskirts of London).

The new signal “aims to unite young people from different backgrounds and give them a platform to air their views and promote understanding, tolerance and respect,” UK regulator Ofcom’s summary of the signal says.

You can stream SAFE, which I’m doing as I write this story. It’s a just a few minutes before 6 PM over there and I’m getting a nice pop sound with lots of fun back-and-forth between the various deejays. Interspersed between the discussions and tunes are PSAs about where to get help with domestic violence problems and similar issues. The signal is sponsored by a variety of youth oriented web sites, among them connexions direct and the UK Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

The station’s presenters are a mostly young and diverse mix of people. Right now Mick “Smashy” Mcgrane and Keith Kelsey are running the mic, and they’re having an argument about how many Facebook friends they can name from memory.

“Stop looking at your screen!” one is shouting at the other.

“Shut up!” the other is laughing.

“You can’t do it even though you’re looking at the screen!” the first retorts.

There are about 24 other “presenters” at SAFE. The station also offers DJ training, giving students “the foundation necessary to create their own enterprise, (a radio station) within the school, as well as becoming either presenters or back room staff on it.”

Sounds like a great beginning, so hello to SAFE radio from Radio Survivor . . . and  good luck with your project!

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  1. wendy May 8, 2010 at 7:01 am #

    Love listening to Mick and Keiths show.Its so different to the usual commercialised crap thats dished out on other shows. Its had me laughing on many an occasion and really cheers me up. The music is really varied too. A must listen to.

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