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Yamamoto's audio picks: Abandoned Pools, Gatsby's American Dream, Metric, and Science Daily

Each week I’m posting a few bands, songs, and music videos that have caught my eye at some point.  Enjoy!


1) Gatsby’s American Dream: I can’t even remember how long I’ve loved this band, but I’ve seen them play on multiple occasions and have never been disappointed. Feel free to scope out both their purevolume and myspace pages as they both feature different content. I’m personally a fan of their slightly older material off of their Ribbons and Sugar and Volcano albums, such as “Fable,” “Theatre,” and “Snicker at the Swine.” They clearly enjoy plays on literature, which is apparent if you’ve encountered Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby or Golding’s Lord of the Flies (referenced in “Fable”) and gives educated listeners another reason to love them.

2) Metric: Although I’m not a huge fan of their latest album (Sick Muse is becoming a bit overplayed), this band is easily one of my favorite bands of all time. If you’re a fan of female vocalists and a general mellow sound, I strongly suggest checking these guys out. Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? is probably my favorite album because it contains Succexy, Combat Baby, and a number of other good tracks, although Too Little Too Late is probably one of my favorite tracks EVER.

Music Videos

1) Kings of Convenience’s “I’d Rather Dance With You“: The lead singer of the band decides to teach a ballet class of little girls how to dance in easily one of the dorkiest ways possible, making for an absolutely adorable music video. The song is also quite good.

2) Owl City’s “Fireflies“: Ever reminisce about your childhood? Miss being able to play with all of your old toys? Enjoy listening to slightly electronic, mellow music? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, you should probably check out this music video. Owl City is pretty awesome in general. If you like what you hear, I also suggest looking into a band called “PlayRadioPlay!”.


1) Abandoned Pool’s “Goodbye Song“:

2) The Academy Is…’s “About A Girl“:

3) The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black“:

4) Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang“:

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