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Songs about radio: Part Trois

Paul and Matthew each wrote a piece (click here and here) on songs about radio. Here are a few more suggestions:

1) Alkaline Trio “Radio“: Not really a song about radio, but it does discuss “radio” as an object in an interesting break-up song.

2) American Hi-Fi “Hi-Fi Killer

I gotta disappear

Don’t wanna hear that sound on the radio

Yeah, we could all hum along

‘Cause it’s the same old song

3) Anberlin “Cold War Transmissions

This is Russian radio here

Calling you to come back home

This is Russian radio here

Run while you still can

4) Beyonce “Radio

I think I’m in love with my radio

Because it never lets me down

And I fall in love with my stereo

Whenever I hear that sound (x3)

5) The Buggles “Video Killed the Radio Star“: The title pretty much says it all.

6) Chronic Future “Static on the Radio

What’s this song on the radio

It’s been so long since I’ve heard a song that I want to know

Tune me in just this once (x2)

‘Cause there’s too much

Static on the radio

7) Coheed and Cambria “The End Complete II: Radio Bye Bye

We’ll leave it on the radio

We’re calling all cowards

Now, boy, that you’ve made it

So are you afraid of what you’ve done?

8 ) Incubus “Aqueous Transmission

I’m building an antenna

Transmissions will be sent when I am through

Maybe we could meet again further down the river

And share what we both discovered…

Then revel in the view

9) Motion City Soundtrack “Boombox Generation

Struck down the pillar

Short-lived is all you’ll ever be

A once great sensation

Has wiped out the nation

Your message is no longer for sale

And no proclamation

Will return the station

You held on to while the rest of us moved on

As not quite sensations

But mere subatomic particles of the nation

We’re happy if our songs get heard at all

So bring forth donations

For the boombox generation

That’s right

10) Queens of the Stone Age “God Is In the Radio

I thought I saw him on the video

A trance is keeping him under

I know that God is in the radio

Checkin’ the station

I’m glad it caught from me to you

Just a call in the medium

I know you hear it, I hear it too

It’s everywhere that I go

11) Transplants “DJ, DJ”: Not entirely related, but I thought that I’d add it anyway.

12) Useless ID “Turn Up the Stereo

Can you hear the pirate radio?

Turn it up, the sound of revolution, come on!

Play it loud, and steal the air while you can

‘Cause we’re going back in time

What are some of your favorite songs about radio?

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  1. Mary Payne March 16, 2010 at 1:16 am #

    Rex Bob Lowenstein – Mark Germino

    The Last DJ – Tom Petty

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