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Songs about Radio, part deux

Even with kids hearing new music from blogs and TV commercials, rock ‘n roll and radio are still inextricably linked. Last July Matthew ran down some of his favorite songs about radio, including The Ramones’ “Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio,” and The Clash’s “Radio Clash.” This week the guys at one of my favorite radio programs, Sound Opinions, did a feature on their favorite songs about radio:

Jim DeRogatis:
Wall of Voodoo, “Mexican Radio”
R.E.M., “Radio Free Europe”
Donna Summer, “On the Radio”
Nirvana, “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter”

Greg Kot:
ZZ Top, “Heard it on the X”
The Replacements, “Left of the Dial”
Indeep, “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life”
Public Enemy, “How to Kill a Radio Consultant”

“Radio Free Europe” and “Left of the Dial” are certainly on my list and “Mexican Radio” is one of my favorites, too. But I’m kind of partial to the heavy metal cover by the Swiss band Celtic Frost:

Some of my other favorites share a certain theme, like Rage Against the Machine’s “Guerilla Radio” and Mojo Nixon’s “Pirate Radio” (language NSFW). And then there are some moldy classics, like Steely Dan’s “FM” and Rush’s “Spririt of Radio.”

What are some of your favorite songs about radio? Anything more unusual or obscure?


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4 Responses to Songs about Radio, part deux

  1. Sasha Lilley March 9, 2010 at 12:59 pm #

    I would add Screeching Weasel’s loving tribute “Radio Blast”:

    It’s time for a structural change
    It’s time for a pipe bomb in the basement
    I think it’s time to smash you
    Don’t worry about inflation

    Also, The Ramones’ “We Want the Airwaves” (which cuts a bit too close to the bone for those in Pacificaland right now).

  2. Kim Kaufman March 12, 2010 at 11:17 am #

    Border Radio – The Blasters

  3. Helen Yamamoto March 12, 2010 at 3:27 pm #

    Nice! Off the top of my head…

    The Buggles “Video Killed the Radio Star”

    Alkaline Trio “Radio”

    American Hi-Fi “Hi-Fi Killer”

    Beyonce “Radio”

    I should have more in my music library, so I’ll add some more later.

  4. Helen Yamamoto March 12, 2010 at 9:21 pm #

    I’m not sure if all of these really count, but here’s a few more:

    Anberlin “Cold War Transmissions”

    Chronic Future “Static on the Radio”

    Coheed and Cambria “The End Complete II: Radio Bye Bye”

    Incubus “Aqueous Transmission”

    Motion City Soundtrack “Boombox Generation”

    Queens of the Stone Age “God Is In the Radio”

    Transplants “DJ, DJ”

    Useless ID “Turn Up the Stereo”

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