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Survey: younger consumers dig mobile shopping, despite the ads

Retrevo surveyA recent article on (“the ultimate electronics marketplace”) analyzed how consumers view shopping on their mobile phones and how they’ve reacted to the associated advertising on their devices. In general, Retrevo concluded that consumers are warming up to researching and shopping with their mobile phones, but many appear to be turned off by mobile ads, often tuning them out.

These findings have big relevance for mobile radio, which is still looking for the business model that will make it more sustainable.

Of the consumers surveyed (18+), those under the age of 35 seemed to enjoy doing product research on their phones the most (at least 50%). 15-17% of this group made purchases using their phones, an impressive number compared to consumers aged 35 and up (3-10%). Of the consumers who used their mobile devices for a purchase, 59% stated that they “searched for deals, found them, and got the best price,” while only 8% said that it “wasn’t worth it” and “wouldn’t use it again.”

With regard to ads on their mobile phones, 30% of the consumers under 35 and 41% of the consumers over 35 said that they found them irritating. But 20% of the consumers under 35 and 9% of the consumers over 35 stated that they have responded to an ad on their mobile phone.

As an individual who falls under the 35 and below category, I wonder how accurate these findings are. Although my phone has both internet and TV capability,  I have never intentionally used either function due to the insanely high data prices. Specifically, I have never used my internet capability to browse product options, and I can’t think of any of my friends (who fall under the same age category) who have either (for similar reasons).

I’d be curious to learn more about Retrevo’s sample with specific regard to any geographical, gender, or other possible bias and would appreciate further input from individuals who fall under either age category.


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