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Introducing the Radio Survivor Monthly Top 5s

I think I can speak for my fellow Radio Survivors when I say that we really enjoyed putting together our run-down of the fourteen most important radio trends of the last decade. And yet, we’ve barely scratched the surface of the many aspects of radio that we really love.

So, beginning this month each of us will run down our own personal Top 5 of something radio-related. For January that Top 5 will be our favorite radio programs. These programs can be local or syndicated, commercial or noncommercial. But what joins them is that each of us thinks they’re amongst the best that broadcast radio has to offer. We’ll be counting down our Top 5 radio programs beginning this coming Monday, January 25.

We’ll share our Top 5s the last week of every month. We also hope that you’ll share your responses to our picks, along with posting your own favorites in the comments.

We’re also interested in your suggestions for future Top 5 countdowns. If you have an idea post it as a comment or drop us an email to


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