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Twitterers call and pray for Rush Limbaugh to die, live, not die, or all of the above

As everybody in the radio world knows, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh is in a Honolulu hospital, recovering from chest pains. Meanwhile, something of a referendum on his fate is being conducted on Twitter.

“Please, Rush Limbaugh, DIE NOW!” tweeted Chuck69dotcom not too long ago.

“oh pleez oh pleez oh pleez let Rush Limbaugh die . In a year of many dead celebs, let’s end 2009 on a good note,” chimed in The Angry Bacon. ”

Did Rush Limbaugh die yet? Oh, not yet.LMAO,” laments NOVACHANEL. “if there’s any justice in the world… Rush Limbaugh will die before the year is out,” insists Shellistoast.

Other Rush haters are a bit more circumspect about the matter. “Rush Limbaugh has heart attack; fails to die thusfar,” notes Corp8myBaby.

These outbursts, of course, have displeased Mr. Limbaugh’s supporters, who are anxious to derive lessons from the moment. “So Rush Limbaugh can’t say that he wants Obama to fail, but liberals can say that they want Rush Limbaugh to die?” retorts SonSound. Or:  “The people calling for Rush Limbaugh to die are the same people who ask to control your healthcare,” shoots back natatomic.

More draconianly: “DO YOU GET IT NOW? People want Rush Limbaugh to die aresame people who R to control healthcare DEATH PANELS.”

But many self-described leftys insist that they wish Rush well. “As a Liberal I hope Rush Limbaugh recovers quickly,” declares DEMOCRATZxORG. “Because I strongly disagree with someone doesn’t mean I want them to die.” Ditto says zorylynx. “I don’t want Rush Limbaugh to die . I disagree vehemently with him, but that’s no excuse.”

In fact, some say they very much want Limbaugh to live, such as 3rdcoast318: “actually I don’t want dis clown to die .Almost forgot MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK and Rush need to b around for all 8 years.”

Others just wish the matter would go away. “I hope Rush Limbaugh doesn’t die yet, because it will only make us hear about him even more,” laments betaken. Still others are looking to the future. “I guess when Rush Limbaugh does finally die , his peons will blame Obama,” notes jawoodward.

And of course, there are many twitterers praying for Limbaugh’s good health.

“If you haven’t lit a candle for RUSH @ limbaugh , you can at Very cool site too! I love it! #TCOT # PRAY,” notes CheriDouglas.

Except for the ones who are meditating for something else. “Pray for Rush Limbaugh …to be swallowed by the Earth and his flesh to melt in lava while his screams are recorded,” tweets DrusillaBloeme.

Thus do radio listeners celebrate the conclusion of 2009. We here at Radio Survivor wish all of you a very happy, healthy, and safe new year.

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