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The wait for LPFM continues one more day…

The Local Community Radio Act of 2009 was scheduled for a floor vote in the House of Representatives today, a moment that LPFM activists have been awaiting for almost nine years. And wait they did. Anyone who has watched her share of C-SPAN knows that the House moves at its own pace, for its own reasons. Today, it waited for quorum, then lumbered forward on about half its agenda today. As of 5:30 PM EST the Clerk of the House reports that business for the day is over and so the vote for LPFM moves to tomorrow.

This is the first time that a vote on a bill to restore low-power FM to the FCC’s original specifications has been scheduled for the full House since 2000. Signs are looking good that the bill may finally pass, though we’ll know much more tomorrow…. maybe.


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