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Vinyl-Only Show on Commercial Radio Station WRXP

Gear Used on "Vinyl Experience"

Gear Used on 'RXP's "Vinyl Experience" Show Photo courtesy Paul Cavalconte

If I were ever to be interviewed for my own “Radio Obsessives” series on Radio Survivor, the topic would no doubt be my Spinning Indie Radio Station Field Trip project.

Since April 2008 I’ve visited 20 different radio stations, ranging from tiny online-only college stations like WECB, to renowned community radio station WFMU outside of New York City, to a high school station near Chicago, and on and on.

I never expected that I’d visit a commercial station, as my focus is really on indie-minded radio. But, the folks at New York City commercial station WRXP kind of surprised me; so I decided to visit in late October 2009.

You can read the complete story about that visit over on my other blog; but the highlight for me was seeing a live DJ picking music during his show. Morning show host Matt Pinfield was having a ball selecting songs and crafting the perfect musical segue way when I stopped by. It was clear that he was still motivated by his love of music.

In addition to their radical approach of actually letting DJs pick (at least some of the) music for their shows, WRXP recently added a vinyl-only program on Sunday mornings called “The Vinyl Experience.” I just conducted an interview with the show’s host Paul Cavalconte and was excited to hear just how evangelical he is about spreading his love of vinyl.

Do you know of other commercial radio stations with shows focused on vinyl? What a welcome trend!

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