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And the Internet radio winners are . . .

Ando MediaAndo Media has published its list of the top-performing Internet audio stations. Here are the top ten for 6 am through midnight in September:

The fields are “Station,” “Average Active Sessions,” “Session Starts,” and “Average Time Listening.” Asterisks presumably mean no data.

1 CBS Radio Inc.  175,261 75,410,863 1.29
2 Pandora Corporate  150,011 82,623,100 1.13
3 Corporate 40,095 * *
4 Citadel Broadcasting Company 24,994 4,188,144 3.33
5 Corporate 21,196 * *
6 Digitally Imported Inc.  17,951 * *
7 Entercom Communications Corp.  15,943 4,989,532 1.78
8 ESPN Radio Corporate 12,593 4,398,788 1.59
9 Cox Radio Inc.  11,114 3,771,138 1.64
10 AccuRadio  7,938 1,654,377 2.67

Presumably you’d like an explanation for these categories. Here’s Ando’s legend:

Average Active Sessions (AAS): The average number of streams of one minute or more that are active within a time period.
Session Starts (SS): The number of streams of one minute or more that are started within a time period.
Average Time Spent Listening (ATSL): The average number of hours for each session lasting more than one minute within a time period.

The data for Pandora does not include mobile listening, Ando says (which is a bit of an issue if you ask me). CBS Radio Inc. includes AOL Radio and Yahoo LaunchCast (and presumably


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