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All-Obama Radio Stunt in Athens, Georgia

Bull Dog Radio Switches to Obama Radio

Bull Dog Radio Switches to Obama Radio

Sometimes unexpected things really do happen on commercial radio.

Yesterday’s buzz surrounded the introduction of a new “All-Obama” radio station in Athens, Georgia. According to Talking Points Memo:

“A radio station in Athens, Ga., is drumming up publicity by calling itself ‘Obama Government-Controlled Radio’ and playing Hawaiian pop, songs like ‘Superfly’ and ‘Disco Inferno’ and clips from President Obama’s campaign speeches.

Between songs listeners hear messages such as, ‘Why let highly paid consultants pick the music when you can let the government do it for you?'”

Cox-owned radio station Bulldog WPUP-FM pulled this 24 hour stunt as they transitioned from a classic rock station to Power 100.1, “Athens New #1 Hit Music Station.”

Regardless of whether or not this particular prank was entertaining or offensive, it must be kind of fun for these commercial radio stations to do stunts like this, as it’s their only real chance to craft a radio format without any sort of fear about ratings.

Apparently the hype surrounding the fake Obama station led to a bump in station listeners, but who knows if that will mean that folks will continue to tune in for the new mainstream pop format.


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