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"Save Energy 92.7" Resolution up for Vote at SF Board of Supes Meeting Tomorrow

Both Matthew and I have recounted the recent ownership and format change of San Francisco station Energy 92.7. The formerly gay-friendly dance music station has proven to be a fan favorite, with many people expressing their displeasure over its change to top 40.

Even a member of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors, Bevan Dufty, has taken up the cause, sponsoring a resolution to encourage new station owner Ed Stolz “to continue with the Community/LGBT/Dance radio format that has made Energy 92.7 one of the most unique and popular radio stations in San Francisco and the Bay Area.”

According to a portion of the text of the resolution:

“…Energy 92.7 brought LGBT and straight listeners together using humor to break down barriers and to create understanding and good will, and…has been a strong partner to the City and County of San Francisco through their unwavering support of community based organizations raising both funds and awareness for non-profits that focus on HIV/AIDS, food banks, and breast cancer among countless others…

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors urges Mr. Ed Stolz to reconsider his choice to abandon the successful format of Energy 92.7 and rehire the talented staff that provided a radio format that was adored and appreciated by so many fans throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area.”

This resolution is up for a vote at tomorrow’s Board of Supervisors meeting in San Francisco at 2pm. And, as always, meetings are open to the public. If the resolution does pass, it is a strong statement about how radio can and does have an impact on a community. Unfortunately, Ed Stolz is probably thinking much more about economics, so it’s unclear if he’ll be swayed by encouragements from the powers that be in San Francisco.

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