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PO'd photo painter hits left/right wing radio/TV talkers

“Paint Your Life is an Equal-Opportunity Offender,” was the title of the e-mail we received today from Assaf Kostiner, proprietor of the Paint Your Life web site. The service will take any photo and turn it into a painting, but it looks like Kostiner did these two portraits free of charge. He’s sick of the Bill O’Reilly/Keith Olberman feud, he says, and wants it to go away.

“Rather than pick a side, we thought we’d pick neither in a gesture of the futility of their conflict,” says Kostiner. “It might encourage them to tone down the rhetoric.” But “probably it won’t,” he adds.

They’re nice portraits, actually. But our guess is that Kostiner is really a little more sympathetic to Olberman. After all, the caption for Keith just says he’s angry. The tag for O’Reilly calls him a “right wing loon.” Which would you rather be?


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