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FCC reaches out to LPFMs near California wildfires

If you’ve got a Low Power FM radio station around one of those awful wildfires near Los Angeles, the Federal Communications Commission is allowing Special Temporary Authority to erect emergency antennas without immediate authorization from the FCC.

source: DaveBanks photostream, flickr

“If a licensee desires to continue to use an emergency antenna, it must submit a request for STA within 10 business days of commencement of operations,” the Commission’s announcement says. “This waiver is applicable to any station which ceased operations as a result of fire damage and is effective until October 31, 2009.”

LPFMs and all other radio stations should contact Norm Miller at 202 418-2767 (

“The Media Bureau encourages any station which has discontinued operations as a result of fire damage to submit a notification and, if necessary, request authority to remain silent within the periods specified in Section 73.1740(a)(4) of the Commission’s rules,” the Notice continues.



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