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Slacker is crash free on Blackberry Curve (after SD card installed)

Slip the SD card in the slot in that circuled area.

Slip the SD card into the slot in that circled area.

The great Blackberry/Slacker crash crisis was solved today after I took the generous advice of Radio Survivor commenter ilikepizza and installed an 8GB Micro SD memory card on the device. That gave my Curve 8330 the cache it needed to run smoothly. As I mentioned in my earlier post, Slacker was crashing the OS. Clearly a memory problem at play.

Glad I took the trouble, too, because Slacker sounds fantastic coming out of my Curve, especially when  hooked up to speakerphones.

If you are a non-geek like me, these adjustments don’t come easily. But I went over to my local Verizon store and they helped me install the card. The photo on the left shows where the card needs to go. You’ve got to open the back, pull out the battery, lift up the SD card slot inside the circled area, and slide it in.

Far better instructions here at (“The #1 site for blackberry users and abusers”).

I was impressed that a couple of tech support people from Slacker also contacted me after my earlier post to offer advice. Thank you Slacker,  Anders Steele of, and ilikepizza for your assistance. What a team!


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