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Top 40 Democracy book cover

Radio’s Top 40 Democracy: A Q&A with Author Eric Weisbard

There are a number of radio and music scholars who write for both academic and non-academic audiences. Eric Weisbard is one example of that. In the 1990s, he made his living as a rock critic for publications such as Spin and the Village Voice and today he is an Assistant Professor of American Studies at […]

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Slate Goes All Out for Special Podcasting Issue

Slate jumps to the head of the pack for mainstream podcasting coverage with a “special issue” this week, featuring eight articles dedicated to podcasting, under the heading “Ten Years in Your Ears.” Business writer Alison Griswold does one of the best jobs I’ve seen so far covering the money and advertising angle. She correctly traces […]

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educational radio - WLTL studio

Educational Radio: An Interview with Brian Gregory

Brian Gregory currently works as an academic technologist at Pace University where he collaborates with faculty, students, staff, and the Pace community in order to implement educational technologies in ways that promote active and engaged learning. I recently asked Brian a few questions about his research in educational broadcasting and the ways in which he […]

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#LPFM News

LPFM Watch: New Community Radio Stations Coming to Chicago, Toledo, Philadelphia, and More

As I compose this post, it’s “stormageddon” in the San Francisco Bay Area. On stormy days like this, I’m incredibly grateful for hyper-local media like low power FM radio stations. We’ve been glued to local TV news to see the trajectory of wind and rain today and I’ve also never heard so many Emergency Alert […]

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Endeavor Radio at a 2012 Sibsey Village fete.

Lincolnshire, UK gets festival oriented community radio station

Ofcom has been busy of late, giving permanent community radio licenses to three United Kingdom media operations. One goes to Endeavor Radio of the Boston/Lincolnshire area. Endeavor started out with a temporary license in 2006 (its name was Stump Radio back in those days). Then it toggled between Internet broadcasting alone and Internet/FM service, covering […]

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Reel to Reels at college radio station WMFO

Radio Poetry and the Archiving of Acoustic Space

Lisa Hollenbach is a literary scholar interested in poetry broadcasts from the 1950s to the 1970s. In her recent post for Antenna Blog‘s Radio Preservation Task Force series  she describes her work as dealing with “several neglected cultural fronts at once, examining forms long declared dead” including poetry, radio, spoken word recording, and the Pacifica […]

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