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The Radio Conference heads to Utrecht in 2016

From July 5 to July 8, 2016 radio researchers and practitioners will gather in Utrecht, Netherlands for the next Radio Conference in a series of Transnational Radio Forums. This year’s conference has a special focus on the transnational nature of these meetings and the organizers have invited participants to emphasize the ways in which research […]

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The perils of a young audience: why died

Shortly after the announcement that the turntable-style music sharing room would cease operation, I wrote to the site’s founder, Jason Grunstra, for an analysis. “It really just comes down to money,” Grunstra responded. “The development and hosting of a massive real-time application is no small feat. It’s incredibly complex and we just couldn’t find […]

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My Sonos Is an Internet Radio

At the end of last year I bought a Sonos Play:1 speaker and a Sonos Connect stereo component to add super-simple on-demand music streaming to a couple of rooms in my apartment. I’ve really enjoyed how well the platform seamlessly integrates with services like Spotify, TIDAL, Slacker, Pandora and Deezer Elite, while also easily tapping […]

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Celebrate International Podcast Day on Wednesday

We had National Radio Day in August, now get ready for International Podcast Day tomorrow. As the name makes clear, it’s a day celebrate this decade-old audio art form that is now experiencing a much-deserved surge into the mainstream. Along with listening to your favorite podcasts–and maybe showing them some love on social media or […]

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I was very sorry to see the following announcement posted in my room today: “Thank you for joining our party and plugging in with us,” the statement says. “Unfortunately, we did not reach the amount needed to keep online any longer.”’s latest blog post doesn’t offer much more information. I don’t have […]

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Radio Survivor Won't Violate Your Trust

Radio Survivor Won’t Abuse Your Trust

In the online media world there is a lot of discussion and controversy about ad blocking right now. A recent Adobe/PageFair study shows a steep rise in people using browser plug-ins so that they aren’t continuously bombarded with increasingly obnoxious display advertisements. Moreover, Apple’s newest iOS update allows ad blocking on iPhones and iPads for […]

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