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Review: TIDAL Streams Uncompressed Music to More Devices, but Not Worth It for Everyone

TIDAL–recently acquired by rapper/entrepreneur Jay-Z–is one of two uncompressed streaming music services available in the US. Instead of serving up tracks compressed using so-called “lossy codecs” MP3, AAC or Ogg Vorbis like Spotify, Beats Music or Rdio, uncompressed services stream full CD-quality music for higher fidelity. Deezer’s Elite service beat TIDAL to the uncompressed punch […]

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Audio equipment at college radio station WRVG

College Radio Watch: Students at WRAS-FM File Appeal, Visit to WRVG-LP, and WKNC’s History Project

A big piece of college radio news this week was the announcement that students at WRAS-FM at Georgia State University (GSU) have filed an appeal with the University System of Georgia (USG) Board of Regents, protesting the loss of daytime FM airtime for students over WRAS-FM and arguing that student funds were misappropriated. Last year, […]

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Digital Watch feature image

Digital Watch: Even Online There’s No Such Thing as ‘Free Radio’

While internet radio is sometimes thought of as the wild and untamed cousin of terrestrial broadcast, it’s not entirely unshackled. While web broadcasters don’t require an FCC license, and are unrestricted with regard to using four letter words, stations still have to have to pay up for the right to play recorded music. Even if […]

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