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show promo on a post-it at high school radio station KBCP. Photo: J. Waits

Happy High School Radio Day Today

Today is the 5th annual High School Radio Day. By last count, 78 high school radio stations from 30 states planned to celebrate the day devoted to the power of student-run radio, high school style. I’ve been lucky to visit a handful of high school radio stations and I’m always in awe of the opportunity […]

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podcast 43 - npr disrupted

Podcast #43 – NPR: When Disrupted, Go Local

A recent Slate article about the podcast challenge to NPR added fuel to the debate about how the public broadcaster should respond to this disruption. Paul jumps into the fray to posit that superserving affiliates and local listeners is key to NPR’s future, while Eric argues that calls for a shift in how coverage is […]

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Radio Rights Watch

It’s time to make Haiti’s 40+ community radio stations legit

Reading the Miami Herald’s piece on Haiti’s 40 or so community radio stations, I kept wondering to myself, are they legal or not? The article says these signals are “difficult to locate” and have “no official listings and, under Haitian law, the stations do not exist.” So they’re not exactly pirate but they’re not really legitimate […]

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