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NYTimes on LPFM Jan 2018

The New York Times Covers LPFM Community Radio

This past weekend the New York Times published a story on low-power FM community radio, with a particular focus on Washington and Oregon, where there is a unique concentration of stations. In assembling his story correspondent Kirk Johnson visited many stations and talked with a host of broadcasters and advocates, including Radio Survivors Jennifer Waits, […]

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Podcast 103 - Argentina community radio

Podcast #122 – The Popular Community Radio Movement in Argentina

Anita Pouchard Serra traveled across Argentina helping to set up new community radio stations with the DTL! collective. A photojournalist, she also documented the building of these stations, that are officially unlicensed, but operate in the spirit of a communications law that passed, but never went into effect. Anita joins to tell us about this […]

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Acik radio logo

Good Vibrations! a conversation about Açık Radyo of Istanbul, Turkey

The credo of Açık Radyo of Istanbul, Turkey begins as follows: “We have apparently lost our ability to have fun! Radio, TV, newspapers, and the like are all so terribly tedious and boring; mainstream media mainly serving nothing but a magnanimous mediocracy; being full of sound and fury, signifying nothing but a deafening cacophony. Paradoxically, mass […]

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