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John Oliver on net neutrality.

Internet radio hosts and fans ask FCC to protect net neutrality

Over the summer I mentioned a filer in the Federal Communications Commission’s proceeding on net neutrality who, identifying himself as a Internet radio host, complained that the unreliability of his broadband account forced him to resort to a more expensive ISDN line. “Neither my telco, Smart City nor Comcast can provide fast consistent speeds for […]

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Number of U.S. Radio Stations on the Rise, Especially LPFM, according to New FCC Count

The FCC released its quarterly list of the total number of licensed broadcast stations this week and once again the number of radio stations has increased since last quarter. As of September 30, there were 15,433 licensed full power radio stations in the United States. The only category that decreased was the number of AM […]

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The BBC Radio 1 School of YouTube

Before we get to YouTube issues, Radio Survivor contributor Ann Alquist has stirred up quite a discussion here with her post titled Why community radio stations don’t need News Directors. Bottom line: there are lots of digital partnership strategies for producing news and public affairs that don’t require your station to invest in some kind […]

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