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An Unwelcome Guest at the NAB Radio Show

This was the first year that I’ve actually attended the National Association of Broadcasters’ annual radio convention. Though I have been to two as a protester: the first in San Francisco in 2000 to let the industry know people were unhappy with their evisceration of LPFM, and again in Seattle in 2002 to culture-jam the […]

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Radio Matters

The Problem(s) of Community Radio

A station I used to work at is in a financial crisis. I don’t use that phrase capriciously. Membership has plummeted, the personal people meter rankings indicate that, statistically, no one is listening and the volunteer nature of the programmers is caught up in petty discourse defending the value of their shows and lamenting the […]

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I Am What I Play: the YouTube trailer

Here’s an update to a documentary-in-progress that we’ve been keeping an eye on. Roger King of Toronto writes to let us know that he has released a YouTube trailer for his doc on the glory days of the rock deejay “I Am What I Play.” Voila!: “They Played What They Wanted to Play,” the trailer says […]

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Cascade Media Convergence Hits Portland This Weekend

The Cascade Media Convergence is a regional gathering of community media organizations, media makers, journalists and artists happening this weekend, September 19 – 21, at the University of Oregon’s Turnbull Center in downtown Portland. The purpose of the event to help create ties between media activists in the Northwest and stimulate discussion and action around […]

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blossoming 8track

8tracks: the hot forum discussions

I am an discussion forums lurker. Here are the hottest conversations, and the offbeat ones. The One Song That You Could Listen to Forever. This forum has generated no less than 2.3 thousand views. Among the faves: “Feel Good” by The Gorillaz; Handsome Family’s “Far from Any Road,” “One Night With You,” by Thieves […]

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Plenty of College Radio Stations in the Latest LPFM East Coast MX Groups

All this week we’ve been dissecting the FCC’s newly released list of competing groups (MX groups) for low power FM (LPFM) licenses in the Midwest and Eastern states. Amid the 111 MX groups there are a number of colleges, high schools, school districts, and academies hoping to get on the air with new LPFM stations. […]

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Louisville’s ARTxFM on way to Low Power FM license

Looks like one of our favorite Internet radio stations is poised to snag a Low Power FM license from the Federal Communications Commission. As we reported earlier in the week, the FCC has released a whole slew of Low Power FM MX Groups on the east coast—basically clusters of eligible applicants for local signals. We […]

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East coast LPFM MX Groups: some interesting bedfellows

Perusing through the Federal Communications Commission’s new list of east coast Low Power FM MX Groups, I see some interesting time sharing combinations. Before getting to them, let me translate the previous sentence into more accessible prose. MX groups are identified clusters of Low Power FM radio license applicants vying for the same frequency in […]

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