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Leo Blais KUSF sign at college radio station Photo: J. Waits

Visiting at University of San Francisco

I’ve visited college radio station KUSF at University of San Francisco (USF) many times over the years and have watched it morph from being a terrestrial college/community station at 90.3 FM to its present incarnation as a student-oriented online-only station. It was seven years ago when I first visited KUSF. At the time, it occupied […]

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Beyond polka battle, WMUA changes may represent a dramatic age shift

I strongly recommend that Radio Survivor readers tune into our thirtieth podcast, in which Jennifer Waits and Eric Klein offer an overview of the changes taking place at University of Massachusetts radio station WMUA-FM in Amherst. This transition reached my ear when management announced that, to make the signal more student focused, WMUA’s polka weekend […]

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radio art by Magz Hall - tree radio. Photo: Magz Hall

Radio Art and New Media in Radio Studies: An Interview with Magz Hall – Pt. 2

We’re happy to return to the second part of our interview with radio scholar and radio artist Magz Hall. In the first part of the interview, Hall detailed the many ways in which we can understand radio, in both a contemporary and historical context, through the lens of radio art. She introduced us to a […]

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Three LPFM trivia station logos

Here comes the PacShara Wisconsin tri-LPFM radio trivia contest

Gird thy memory loins, northwestern Wisconsinites, and mobilize for the “PacShara Pursuit” three way Low Power FM radio trivia contest, scheduled to cut loose on Saturday, February 27. Not long ago three Badger State LPFM signals decided that the live simulcast competition “would be a fun activity to provide to our area communities ‘in the dead of […]

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