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Aimee Semple McPherson

Old time radio and the power of faith

Like everyone else, I’m busy with holiday events, but I thought I’d post a quick YouTube from my favorite Pentecostal radio evangelist, Aimee Semple McPherson. She was the first woman to receive a broadcast license from the government. “It is very foolish to hesitate to trust God,” McPherson told her radio audience from her Angelus […]

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More radio movies for the holidays

A quick addendum to my post on ten essential radio themed movies for the holidays. We got a pertinent tweet from @ResearchDirectr: Best #radio movies and FM didn’t make the list? — Research Director (@ResearchDirectr) December 15, 2014 Ouchie! Indeed, FM should definitely be high up there on anyone’s list of movies about radio […]

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Financial Troubles for Antonio Cesar Guel & HCCN

Antonio Cesar Guel and his Hispanic Christian Community Network have become infamous in low-power FM circles for their role in 245 applications for LPFM stations during last fall’s filing window–a full 8% of all 2,799 applications filed. LPFM advocacy groups and other applicants have filed informal objections and petitions to deny with the FCC claiming […]

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KSFH studio

St. Francis High School Files Paperwork to Sell KSFH to Group Focused on South Asian Community

St. Francis High School in Mountain View, California has filed paperwork with the FCC in the hopes of assigning its class D 87.9 FM high school radio license for KSFH-FM to Mountain View Public Broadcasting. According to the asset purchase agreement, the sale price is $20,000. The long-time high school radio station has been for […]

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Blast 106 of Belfast

Belfast’s Blast 106 proposes more music, more variety for students

The United Kingdom’s broadcast regulator Ofcom has opened a consultation for community radio station Blast 106 of Belfast, which wants to change some of its “key commitments.” These boil down to the signal’s basic audience objectives and character. The volunteer run music oriented operation is presently tasked to serve “the student and youth community” of […]

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Top 40 Democracy book cover

Radio’s Top 40 Democracy: A Q&A with Author Eric Weisbard

There are a number of radio and music scholars who write for both academic and non-academic audiences. Eric Weisbard is one example of that. In the 1990s, he made his living as a rock critic for publications such as Spin and the Village Voice and today he is an Assistant Professor of American Studies at […]

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Troll doll

Podcasting News: EFF To Challenge Patent Troll at Public Hearing

Today the podcast patent troll faces a hearing at the US Patent and Trademark Office. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has patiently worked to chip away at the patent owned by Personal Audio LLC which the company claims covers the invention of podcasting in 1996, meaning all podcasters potentially would owe the company royalties. The EFF […]

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Slate Goes All Out for Special Podcasting Issue

Slate jumps to the head of the pack for mainstream podcasting coverage with a “special issue” this week, featuring eight articles dedicated to podcasting, under the heading “Ten Years in Your Ears.” Business writer Alison Griswold does one of the best jobs I’ve seen so far covering the money and advertising angle. She correctly traces […]

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