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Internet DJ week: acrostic Spotify messages, Pokemon radio attacks, youth wasted on young

The Music Machinery blog alerts us to a new Spotify related application, Acrostify, which creates Spotify playlists based on “acrostics,” aka secret word messages embedded in other things. Since yesterday (Sunday, August 10) was the Russian composer Alexander Konstantinovich Glazunov’s birthday, I input “Happy Birthday Glazunov” and selected the “classical” format. Out came this playlist:

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An 8tracks Night Vale playlist by ofalldimensions.

Welcome To Night Vale Returns To “Normal”

Welcome To Night Vale, soon to embark on their first European tour, has just released their fifty-first episode, “Rumbling”. After a drawn out corporate conflict, a mayoral “election”, and some reconstruction, the little desert burb of Night Vale has finally returned to a state we could dubiously call normal. Indeed, many facets of the show […]

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Princeton Review 2015

Princeton Review Releases 2015 Survey of Most Popular College Radio Stations

This week, the Princeton Review released the results of its annual college survey (registration required). For me the annual Princeton Review list of the “Best” college radio stations is a summer tradition. I like to see if any new schools made the list (sometimes I find out about college radio stations that way). Additionally, schools […]

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NPR One App Represents a Possible Future for Podcasting

Podcasts are really just on-demand audio. However, the medium debuted in the period before nearly-ubiquitous wireless data and wifi. That’s the historical reason why it still relies heavily on downloading, rather than simply streaming programs from the internet like video platforms, such as YouTube, Hulu and Netflix. Of course, it’s also because audio files are […]

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