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What community radio is saying on New Year’s eve

Some community radio/podcasting related missives we are getting from our Facebook and Twitter pages as of, well, now.

From Radio Valencia in San Francisco:

From ARTxFM in Louisville, Kentucky:

From Marc Maron:

From The Prison Show via KPFT in Houston, Texas:

“KPFT’s main transmitter 90.1 fm has issues. It will be fine in Galveston 89.5 fm; in Livingston 90.3 fm and in Huntsville 91.9 fm and all the Internet broadcast will not be affected so The Prison Show Special New Years Eve broadcast will have limited Houston area range. Please help spread the word especially to Internet listeners around the world to listen up to one of the truly unique radio experiences to be heard… ” 

From WDBM of Lansing, Michigan:

From KWSS in Phoenix:

Happy New Year to all of Radio Survivor’s readers, Facebook friends, and Twitter followers!


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