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SoundCloud: the Twitter monster

Peter Watts' music tweet chart.

Peter Watts’ music tweet chart.

Judging by this table of music application inspired tweets compiled by founder Peter Watts, SoundCloud users are the hugest tweeters these days.

Here are the top ten tweet generators:

SoundCloud: 42,604,555 10,914,820 8,039,354
Spotify: 4,862,187
Pandora: 3,715,642
Bandcamp: 3,488,443
Myspace: 3,410,535
Shazam: 3,079,587
soundtracking: 2,679,342 2,459,766

Watts’ application checked the Twitter API every 15 minutes for around 450 days from January 1st 2013 until now, he says (“now” means a couple of days ago, I guess). Looks he like counted both Spotify public profile references (“open.spotify”) and “Spotify” references, but even so, they amount to just about a third of the SoundCloud references.

Interesting that Myspace is still up there, use-wise  . . .



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